25 Beautiful Kitchens with Dining Tables

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Depending upon what kind of homeowner you are and how you plan to use your kitchen, you’ll want to get different things out of it. For example, if you’re the kind of person that cooks elaborate meals, then you’ll naturally want a premium of counter space and the very best appliances. Or, if you’re a person that likes to entertain, then a center island that can double as a bar counter will be perfect for you!

However, the vast majority of people need their homes’ kitchens to do one thing. They need them to be places where the family can gather for meals, to do homework, or just to have a quick bite before everyone runs out of the door in the morning. For your kitchen to become this space within your home, it truly only needs one thing: a dining table.

But, depending upon the size of your kitchen (and the style of your kitchen) getting and fitting in the right kitchen table is definitely easier said than done. That’s why we’ve collected the 25 following examples of beautiful kitchens with dining tables. Below, you’ll see the possibilities that are available to you, and you’ll likely be inspired to come up with a way of including the right dining table within your own kitchen!

1. White to White

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The simple contemporary design of this dining table and its chairs is a perfect match for the white kitchen design.

2. Clear Top

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Here’s another white modern kitchen with a dining table. This time, though, the surface of the table is clear, which allows the design of the kitchen to dominate the space.

3. L-Shaped

25 Beautiful Kitchens with Dining Tables-3

Rather than including a center island in a smaller L-shaped kitchen, you can include a small circular dining table.

4. Color

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When including a dining table in your kitchen design, you’ll want to pay attention to its color and how it mirrors (or doesn’t) the cabinets and walls around it.

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