25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

20. Pennywise

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-20

A copper hood over your range in a dark wood kitchen can really increase the sense of luxury and refinement.

21. Rectangular

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-21

The wonderful, rectangular light fixture hanging over the island in this kitchen really completes its modern look.

22. Using Space

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-22

By having two kitchen island set off at an angle from one another, this beautiful white kitchen achieves a unique look and feel.

23. Look Up!

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-23

Another way to add some serious curb appeal to a kitchen is to create a ceiling like the one you see here.

24. Beaming

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-24

With long dark beams extending overhead, this kitchen uses lighter countertops to increase the sense of dimension created.

25. Wood Counters

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-25

With thin, granite countertops underneath the wall cabinets, this kitchen uses a beautiful, carved piece of wood for its island counter.