25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

15. Cookbooks

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-15

The selves at the end of the long island add architectural interest to the space, while also providing plenty of room for cookbooks.

16. Vibrant Grain

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-16

The vibrant grain of the richly stained cabinets in this mostly metal kitchen is a real standout!

17. Great Grey

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-17

For a beautiful kitchen that’s a little less “in your face”, grey can be a wonderful choice for your cabinet color.

18. Rack

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-18

Not only is a rack above your center island useful, it can also create an interesting vibe for your kitchen.

19. Table Island

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-19

Not only does converting your island into a kitchen table increase your kitchen’s functionality, it also improves the overall look.