25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

10. Entertaining

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-10

The U-shaped design of this luxury kitchen’s island, which provides ample seating, is perfect for entertaining. That’s LA living for you!

11. Setting Apart

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-11

The dark kitchen here is a wonder to behold thanks to its massive countertops. Also note how it’s drawn into the design of the open-concept space quite nicely.

12. Like Home

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-12

Using the exposed wood beams above to include natural elements, this kitchen design reeks of a home-like atmosphere.

13. Blank Canvas

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-13

If you’re going to invest in ornate and intricate cabinets, then you want a blank canvas for flooring, as it allows those intricacies to stand out.

14. Dark Island

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-14

To really add a sense of drama to an all-white and beautiful kitchen, consider going darker with the island cabinets.