25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

5. Double Island

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-5

The double island is a beautiful touch for this kitchen, but it’s the tile and wood flooring that makes the space.

6. Unique Island

A luxury kitchen in an expensive estate home

The shape of this large center island is definitely unique, but it’s tied to the space through the octagonal chandelier.

7. Metal and Wood

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-7

With deeply stained wood cabinets and lighter notes in the backsplash, the metal countertops and light fixtures are a perfect choice.

8. Stone and Wood

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-8

To really bring out the natural beauty of the wood and stone surfaces in this kitchen recessed lighting has been used.

9. Imposing Concept

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-9

In an open-concept living space, you may wish to create and imposing kitchen design like this, which instantly draws the eye.