25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

20. Glass Front

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-20

Combined with the light wood countertops, the glass front countertops are the perfect touch for this stunning kitchen design.

21. Chandelier

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-21

One thing that can really beautify a kitchen is a stunning chandelier, just the like one you see in this white kitchen with dark hardwood floors.

22. Statement Backsplash

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-22

You’ve got to love the red and orange backsplash in this white kitchen design. It really makes a statement!

23. Beige Counters

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-23

Though not traditional, you’ve got to love the beige countertops that are used int his beautiful white kitchen design.

24. Unique

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-24

To really get an exceptionally beautiful kitchen, you’ve got to be unique. Check out the strange design of this example!

25. Concrete

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-25

One design secret for beautiful kitchens is polished concrete floors. Look how wonderfully they work here!