25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

15. Appliances

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-15

Another way that you can really increase the beauty quotient in your kitchen is by selecting unique appliances.

16. Wood on Wood

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-16

Natural wood that’s been wonderfully stained is always beautiful. This kitchen uses these kinds of surfaces in abundance.

17. Simplicity

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-17

The simplicity of this modern kitchen’s design allows the natural light to create shadows that dance across the space.

18. Conversation Starter

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-18

One way to create a unique and beautiful look for your kitchen is to pick a conversation-starter piece, like the pink refrigerator here.

19. Rich Granite

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-19

The rich patterns of the black-and-white granite countertops in this kitchen offer all of the beauty that this design needs.