25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs

10. Delicious Edge

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-10

This beautiful all-white kitchen with double-basin farmhouse sink has a wonderful center island with a wooden countertop and detailed edges.

11. Stone and Wood

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-11

The wonderful wooden beams overhead in this beautiful kitchen are perfectly complemented by the stone surfaces.

12. Globes

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-12

The charm of this beautiful kitchen design is wonderfully completed by the globe glass lights hanging over the island.

13. Wainscoting

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-13

Something that adds a touch of luxury and beauty to any kitchen is wainscoting. Here you can see it on the island behind the stools.

14. Exposed Shelves

25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs-14

The exposed shelves at left in this beautiful kitchen are an awesome design choices, as are the lights above the island.