25 Beautiful Ideas for Garden Paths

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For most homeowners, there’s no greater joy than having a beautiful backyard garden that you can relax in and tend to during your down time. But, enjoying your garden isn’t just about these things; you also want to have fun developing and building it out. Eventually, this is going to mean that you’ll want to build beautiful garden paths.

Garden paths have a practical purpose, of course, but they also go a long way toward developing the aesthetic quality of your garden and defining the way that it’s laid out. Beyond that, there are also a number of different materials that can be used to construct a garden path, as well as ways to lay such a path out.

In the following list, we’re going to share 25 absolutely beautiful ideas for garden paths. From ones made of slate and flagstone, to others make from brick and even one from tree sections, there’s a lot of ideas here to drive your inspiration for your own garden. By taking a look at everything we’ve collected, you should be able to develop some tremendous and attractive ideas for garden paths that can make your backyard and its garden even more beautiful than they are already! Let’s take a look.

1. Stones and Pebbles

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For a look that’s both beautiful and intricate, you can combine large stones and flagstones with small pebbles that have been arranged in interesting passengers.

2. All Pebbles

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Or, if you really want to put your mason through his or her paces, then why not go with an all-pebble mosaic garden path?

3. Unique Lighting

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People are doing very interesting things with LED lights these days. For example, check out the LED planters that line this beautiful garden path!

4. Keeping It Simple

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With a simple stone garden path, you want to pay close attention to the kinds of plants you’re putting on either side. They’ll make the look.

5. A Doorway

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Gates and garden paths go hand in hand. You can do something different, though. Check out the reclaimed door that’s used here! So cool!