25 Beautiful Family Room Designs

20. Bright Colors

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-20

When you’re attempting to preserve the airiness of an open-concept floor plan, using bright colors in your family room design is always a good idea.

21. Tucked In

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-21

The way that this tucked-in family room space uses dark brown walls and a white ceiling is truly charming.

22. Pulling It Together

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-22

If you want to use bolder colors in your family room, then take some notes from this example. See, for instance, how the throw pillows correspond to the mirror leaning on the mantle.

23. Going All Out

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-23

Of course, you can do more than accent with bright colors. Check out this beautiful family room and its child-like vibe.

24. Coastal Feel

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-24

The coastal style can really work wonders for a family room. Check out this example, and how it uses natural wood on the walls.

25. It’s Your Family

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-25

A beautiful family room should be a place that you and yours can enjoy. So, be sure to incorporate the colors, design elements, and things you and your family want and need.

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