25 Beautiful Family Room Designs

10. Chocolate

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-10

Those who want something a bit more subdued for their family rooms will find inspiration in the chocolate color scheme of this example.

11. Stripes

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-11

When you’ve got small children, you want your family room to be bright and inviting. A striped wall pattern, as you see here, can work well for this!

12. The Fireplace

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-12

Really highlighting your fireplace with your family room design can be a great way to make sure the space really stands out.

13. Accenting

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-13

A pair of bold accent chairs can be the perfect choice for a family room that adopts an overall dark color scheme.

14. Dark Hardwoods

25 Beautiful Family Room Designs-14

If you’re going to be using stone and a grey color scheme in your family room, dark hardwoods can be the perfect choice for your flooring.

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