25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks

25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks-title

Your backyard swimming pool isn’t just about the pool itself; it’s also about the deck (or patio) that surrounds it. Think about it. While you may spend hours upon hours in the pool, we’re willing to bet that you actually spend more time lounging around the pool than splashing in the pool. That’s why having an attractive pool deck is so important. You need a place to veg out, catch those rays, sip a drink, and entertain!

In order to help you with the design of your pool and deck, we’ve collected several examples that show off how both elements can be brought together in perfect harmony. Here, you’ll find pools that have amazing shapes and design elements, and that are also surrounded by decks as highly enjoyable as the pools themselves. Some of these examples feature classic designs and others are incredibly modern. All of them are stunning to look at, though!

If you’re trying to put together a pool and deck design for your backyard, then you owe it to yourself to check out these 25 awesome pools with equally awesome decks. You’ll see just how many possibilities there are, and maybe you’ll find something that inspires a design for your home!

1. Beautiful and Modern

25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks-1

Surrounded by a beautiful wooden deck, this clean L-shaped pool fits in beautifully with this contemporary home.

2. Deep Red

25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks-2

The deep red of this stunning pool deck adds a great deal of vibrancy. Also, check out that waterfall!

3. With a Deck Like This

25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks-3

Who needs a large swimming pool? Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the view is absolutely stunning!

4. Beams

25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks-4

This infinity pool and deck combination has an interesting touch: those wooden beams over the top!

5. Terraces

25 Awesome Pools With Equally Awesome Decks-5

The terraced deck surrounding this above-ground pool helps everything blend in nicely with the surroundings.