25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls

21. Wine Cellar

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-21

You’ve got to love the way that the stone accent wall in this dining room creates an almost wine-cellar-like feel.

22. Drawing the Eye

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-22

Within this open concept space, the stone accent wall draws the eye and creates a degree of separation for the living room.

23. Total Contemporary

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-23

If you want to keep things decidedly contemporary with your stone accent wall, then square slates can work wonderfully.

24. Adding Intimacy

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-24

Check out how the small stone accent wall, which is recessed into the wall, adds a sense of intimacy to this simply designed dining room.

25. Matching Wood

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-25

A large stone accent wall in any living space almost demands hardwood floors. Even better if you can use wood on the ceiling.