25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls

11. Natural Effects

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-11

The stone accent wall in this grand foyer with stairs is perfectly complemented by the globe light fixtures. Circular lines really play up the “natural” vibe of stone accent walls.

12. White Entrance

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-12

Here’s another foyer that uses a stone accent wall. Check out how the texture of the stone adds some great visual spark to the white color scheme.

13. Black Stone

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-13

If you’re considering using black or dark stone for your accent wall, then you may wish to consider balancing it with a brighter paint color elsewhere.

14. On A Curve

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-14

The curved edge of the stone accent wall in this cozy little living room is quite visually striking.

15. Small Windows

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-15

The two small windows at the top of the stone accent wall in this living room allow for brightness to permeate the space.