25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls

6. Vertical Space

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-6

Check out how the stone accent wall in this kitchen with vaulted ceilings helps to fill the vertical space. Also, it totally completes the farmhouse vibe.

7. In the Bedroom

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-7

If you want to add a touch of luxury to one of your bedrooms (even the master), then a stack-stone accent wall can work wonders!

8. Another Idea

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-8

If you’d like more brightness in your master bathroom while also including a stone accent wall, then you could consider doing something like this.

9. Contrasting

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-9

The bright orange walls contrast perfectly with the stone accent wall in this home office, adding a sense of dimension to the design.

10. Behind the Vanity

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-10

Another excellent place to use a stone accent wall in your bathrooms is right behind the vanity. As you can see, the effect is quite luxurious.