25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls

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Creating a home that has a high degree of visual appeal is tricky work! You’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about colors, décor and things of that nature. When you want a home that really has a signature look, though, you’ve got to think in three dimensions! You need to learn how to build visual interest by making unconventional choices and by creating contrasts.

In terms of the pure structure and look of your home, nothing can do this better than an accent wall. Not only do accent walls provide a visual focal point for the eye, they also contribute greatly to adding a sense of dimension and depth to a space.

Now, there’s a lot more to accent walls than meets the eye. They can be made from a variety of different colors and materials. One of the most popular of those materials, though, is stone. As always, stone is a mark of luxury, and homeowners are always eager to find ways of including this luxurious material in their homes’ designs.

Below, we’ve collected 25 amazing examples of various living spaces that use stone accent walls. Here, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration in terms of including a stone accent wall in the design of your home!

1. In The Kitchen

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The contemporary styling of this double-island kitchen is given a natural sheen thanks to the stone accent wall at the back.

2. Lighting

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-2

The recessed lighting above the stone accent wall in this living room adds some drama to the space.

3. Combination

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-3

The accent wall above the fireplace in this living room design is perfectly framed by stone slates. The effect is visually striking.

4. In The Bathroom

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-4

If you really want to create a spa-like vibe in your master bathroom, then a stone accent wall like the one you see here could be perfect!

5. Making a Statement

25 Amazing Stone Accent Walls-5

The use of a stone accent wall in this foyer creates a very impressive vibe for the space. It signals class to incoming guests.