24 Unique Pool Designs With Personality

5. Have Both

24 Unique Pool Designs With Personality-5

You want a natural look and feel for your pool design, but you also want it to be an infinity pool. Why not do both?

6. Contemporary

24 Unique Pool Designs With Personality-6

As you’re working on your pool design, consider the overall design aesthetic for the entire outdoor living space. See how this one absolutely nails the contemporary look?

7. Shapes

24 Unique Pool Designs With Personality-7

Interesting shapes and contours are always something that sets a pool design apart from others.

8. So Cool

24 Unique Pool Designs With Personality-8

This infinity pool with natural features and beach entries is so cool! Wouldn’t you like to take a dip?

9. Halfsies

Unique Shape Above Ground Pool Deck Overlooking Sea Shore Design

Working with a backyard that has an uneven slope? You can combine the concepts of an in-ground and an above-ground pool, then.

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