24 Traditional Kitchen Designs

20. Non-Traditional Traditional

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-20

There are a number of design elements in this kitchen – like the wine rack – that add an interesting twist to the traditional concept.

21. Floating Island

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-21

The floating island with the exposed shelf underneath is absolutely perfect for this wonderful traditional kitchen.

22. Ceiling

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-22

Hey, look! It’s that wainscoting again… But this time it’s used on the ceiling. Doesn’t that work wonderfully?

23. Lights

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-23

Beautiful wrought-iron light fixtures above you center island can realty complete the traditional vibe.

24. Pressed Tin

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-24

One last thing to consider for a backsplash material in a traditional kitchen is pressed tin. Check it out in action here.

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