24 Traditional Kitchen Designs

15. Antiquing

Classic painted wood kitchen

Another thing you can do to really accentuate your traditional kitchen design is to use antiqued color surfaces.

16. Shelves

Immagini 127

In a traditional kitchen, you should be more inclined to use shelves. A kitchen is for cooking, so why not show of your tools?

17. Warm Glow

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-17

Note how the color choices in this kitchen provide the space with a warm glow that oozes traditional.

18. Dark To Light

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-18

Dark cabinets are a dream if you’re worried about cleanliness. If you use them, consider going lighter with your counters and backsplash.

19. Wainscoting

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-19

As mentioned, wainscoting is perfect for a traditional kitchen design. Note how it’s accentuated here with subtle antiquing.

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