24 Traditional Kitchen Designs

10. Clean Lines

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-10

You have to love the clean lines of this traditional kitchen, as well as the high-up, glass-front wall cabinets.

11. White Tile

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-11

One way to really get the traditional look that you’re after is to use white tile for your backsplash.

12. Powder Colors

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-12

Really, you want to go lighter with your colors in a traditional kitchen. Don’t you love the blue, yellow and light wood here?

13. Red and White

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-13

Of course, you can be bolder! The wainscoting creates the vibe, while the deep red of the walls adds some spark.

14. Glass-Front Cabinets

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-14

In a traditional kitchen, you’ll want to show off your traditional plate ware and glassware, right? Glass-front cabinets are perfect that!

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