24 Traditional Kitchen Designs

5. Tall and Thin

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-5

When you’re thinking of traditional kitchen design, you want to be thinking tall and thin for your cabinets.

6. Yellow and White

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-6

Even if you go slightly contemporary with the overall design, a yellow and white color scheme can create the traditional look that you’re after.

7. Gold With Detailing

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-7

The traditional look of this stunning kitchen is completed by the wood detailing and gold hardware. The marble floors help, too.

8. Unadorned

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-8

By being largely unadorned and simple, this traditionally designed kitchen doesn’t distract from the hardwood floors, which tie this open-concept space together.

9. Wood Counters

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-9

Granite wasn’t always the rage for countertops. As you can see here, wood can be absolutely beautiful and traditional.

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