24 Traditional Kitchen Designs

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As we move further and further into the 21st century, people are doing all kinds of things with their homes’ designs. You’ve probably seen the crazy, contemporary kitchens that people are installing in their homes plastered to the covers of interior design magazines. Maybe even one or two of your friends has a contemporary kitchen? Well, contemporary designs are cool – but, they’re not for everyone. Also, there’s something to be said for the classic designs. They endured for so long for a reason!

So, you’re a traditionalist, then? There’s nothing wrong with that! In all honesty, when it comes to kitchen design, it’s almost always best to adhere to traditional design concepts. To show you what we mean – and to prove our point – we’ve collected these 24 examples of kitchens that get traditional design right. In every example that you look at, you’re sure to see how keeping things conservative can yield incredibly beautiful results.

So, don’t go with the trends! Instead, let’s get traditional. Come take a tour of these 24 amazing traditional kitchen designs, and see why contemporary isn’t always best. You’ll be glad that you did! (Although, fair warning: you may get a little jealous of just how beautiful these kitchens are!)

1. In Contemporary

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-1

By using simply designed wood cabinets, this kitchen manages to achieve a traditional design within a contemporary living space.

2. Sliding Ladder

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-2

The sliding ladder that reaches for high up cabinets in this traditional kitchen gives it a turn-of-the-last-century vibe.

3. Stone Tiles

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-3

The stone tiles used on the back wall of this kitchen really helps to complete the traditional feel.

4. Stone Floor Tiles

24 Traditional Kitchen Designs-4

Here, stone floor tiles are used. They really help to accentuate the traditional beauty of the white cabinets.

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