24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs

20. Charming Green

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-20

You’ve got to appreciate the level of charm this bathroom with rain shower has thanks to its light green and yellow color scheme.

21. Purity of Design

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-21

There are few combinations of materials that have a more “pure” feel to them than marble and wood.

22. Fitting It In

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-22

In an urban environment, master bathrooms are always going to be smaller. But a luxurious rain shower can make such a space feel grand!

23. Dark Wood

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-23

The dark hardwood and open-concept of this beautiful bathroom gives the rain shower a spa-like appearance.

24. The New Normal

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-24

Rain showers are amazing. No matter the size of your bathroom or its style, you should absolutely consider including one as part of your design!