24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs

10. Detailed Marble

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-10

The wonderful marble tiles that comprise this bathroom’s shower are the perfect choice for the rain shower head. Simply beautiful!

11. Masculine Presence

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-11

The black tones and stone texture used in this rain shower give it a thoroughly masculine presence that would be perfect for a luxury bachelor pad.

12. In The Center

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-12

By choosing to place the rain shower in the center of the space, the whole environment can be enjoyed while a shower is taken.

13. Glass Enclosed

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-13

This simple glass-enclosed rain shower is the perfect complement to this stunningly modern master bathroom.

14. Tub Adjacent

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-14

When a rain shower has been incorporated into a bathroom design, you’ll often see an arrangement like this, where the tub and shower occupy the same space.