24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs

5. Soak It In

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-5

Inside of a beautiful rain shower like this, which features beautiful marble work and art, you can really “soak it in”.

6. The Classic Touch

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-6

While the rain shower is certainly a modern amenity, there are absolutely ways of incorporating it into the design of a more classic bathroom.

7. Dark Marble

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-7

We love the way that the dark marble and deep red color scheme of this master bathroom provides a relaxing environment for enjoying the rain shower.

8. Another Opening

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-8

Here’s another example of how choosing to go with a rain shower will allow you to open up your shower into the rest of the bathroom space.

9. Pure White

24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs-9

Can you imagine a more relaxing environment to clean up in than in this pure white master bathroom’s rain shower?