24 Stunning Rain Shower Designs

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If you want to lead a long, healthy and happy life, then you’ve got to do a lot. But one thing you should absolutely do is ensure that you’re starting off each and every day on the right foot. This, of course, means getting enough sleep – and comfortable sleep at that. (Is it time for a new bed?) It also means having a morning routine that invigorates the senses and prepares you for the challenges that will await you over the course of the day.

For this reason, and a few others, more and more homeowners have been choosing to install rain showers in their bathrooms. Unlike the traditional shower, which blasts you at an angle, the rain shower provides a more natural experience. The shower quite literally rains down on you from overhead. The sensation of showering this way is hard to describe, but once you’ve experienced it, we doubt you’ll ever want to go back to a traditional shower.

That sounds amazing right? Well, let’s take a look at these 24 bathrooms that feature rain showers! You’re sure to get plenty of ideas for how you might be able to incorporate one into your home.

1. All-In-One

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This simply designed master bathroom provides all its features in one space, with a beautiful rain shower situated in the corner.

2. Open Up

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You want the rain shower so that you can feel like you’re outside, so why wouldn’t you consider doing something like this?

3. Light ‘Em Up

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If you want a rain shower that makes you feel like you’re in the future, then remember that there’s interesting things you can do with LED lights.

4. Plants

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When you have a rain shower, you may wish to consider incorporating natural plants into the space. It gives your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere.