24 Luxury Master Bathrooms With Soaking Tubs

24 Luxury Master Bathrooms With Soaking Tubs-title

So, you find yourself on the precipice of having the master bathroom that you’ve always wanted. It’s generous in terms of space, there’s plenty of vanity area to be enjoyed, and the shower’s nothing to scoff at either. But, there’s one thing missing. You look at that master bathroom, and you say to yourself, “It’s almost there… It’s just needs that extra oomph!”

Well, we know what that extra oomph is, and so do you. You need a soaking tub. The reason is simple. When it comes to luxuriating in your own home, there’s nothing better than climbing into a soaking tub full of hot water – especially if you’ve got a glass of fine wine in hand.

That’s why we’ve scoured the Internet looking for luxury master bathrooms that incorporate soaking tubs. As you’ll see below in the 24 examples we’ve found, there are a number of different ways in which a soaking tub can be incorporated into a luxury master bathroom’s design. And, there are different shapes and sizes of soaking tub that you should consider!

Anyway, we know you’re convinced. You need a soaking tub in your master bathroom. So, come see what these homeowners did, and see if one of their ideas can spark an idea of your own!

1. Windows

24 Luxury Master Bathrooms With Soaking Tubs-1

When you include a soaking tub in a luxury master bathroom, always consider placing it beneath the windows. Think of how relaxing that is!

2. Side Ottoman

24 Luxury Master Bathrooms With Soaking Tubs-2

When you’re soaking in the tub, you might want a drink. So why not put an ottoman right next to it?

3. At An Angle

24 Luxury Master Bathrooms With Soaking Tubs-3

You don’t always have to square off your soaking tub. Instead, you can set it at an angle like you see here.

4. Open Space

24 Luxury Master Bathrooms With Soaking Tubs-4

This luxury master bathroom really accentuates its open space by placing the soaking tub along the wall.