24 Luxury and Modern Home Office Designs

24 Luxury and Modern Home Office Designs-title

The working world has changed a lot in the past several decades, and now more and more people find themselves working from home rather than from an office. It’s certainly an ideal situation for many, but working from home requires one thing above all other things – and no, we’re not talking about self-motivation. We’re talking about a stunning home office!

While you may think that you can simply throw a desk in one of your home’s living spaces and make that your office, you really shouldn’t. When working from home it’s important to have a separation between your “home life” and your “work life”. That’s why it’s important to have a beautiful home office where you can ply your trade. Think about it. If you’re working for yourself, wouldn’t you prefer to have your home’s equivalent of the corner office?

On this list, we’ve collected 24 amazing examples of luxurious and modern home office designs. While what’s been done with some of these may be outside of your budget, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for a home office design of your own – one that will make the dream of “working from home” all that it should be. So, take a look!

1. Rich Wood

24 Luxury and Modern Home Office Designs-1

With rich, deeply stained wood abounding in this home office, luxury definitely rules the day.

2. Shelves

24 Luxury and Modern Home Office Designs-2

The built-in shelves behind the large wooden desk complete the look of this stunning luxury and modern home office.

3. Let There Be Light

24 Luxury and Modern Home Office Designs-3

Although some people prefer dark home offices, there’s something to be said for creating a cheerful environment like the one you see here.

4. Clean

24 Luxury and Modern Home Office Designs-4

The layout of this white luxury home office creates a clean space in which ideas can flow freely.