24 Large Open-Concept Living Room Designs

24 Large Open Concept Living Room Designs-title

Nowadays, virtually every prospective homeowner and current homeowner is enamored of the open-concept floor plan. There are, of course, a number of different reasons for this. For one, more and more people are looking to have living spaces that mirror the contemporary times that we live in. Also, homeowners are interested in open-concept floor plans because they increase the functionality and customizability of our homes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

But, while open-concept living spaces may be popular, that doesn’t mean that they’re any easier to design that closed living spaces. This is particularly true of the open-concept living room. While the open-concept floor plan might be nice overall, it can sometimes be very difficult to create that “living room atmosphere” that such a space requires.

For this reason, we’ve decided to collect these 24 examples of amazing and large open-concept living rooms. Here, you’ll see how the pros do it, and hopefully you’ll be able to draw plenty of inspiration for designing a large, attractive and functional open-concept living room of your own. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find a design that you can copy in its entirety!

1. It’s Own Island

24 Large Open Concept Living Room Designs-1

For this tropical home, natural plants have been included in the living room to set it apart from the other open-concept living spaces.

2. Dividing Wall

24 Large Open Concept Living Room Designs-2

Including a dividing wall like this can help to separate a living room from other spaces in an open-concept floor plan. Plus, it adds functionality.

3. Circle The Wagons

24 Large Open Concept Living Room Designs-3

By arranging the furniture in a circle around the coffee table, this large open-concept living room manages to create a cozy vibe.

4. Pop Out

24 Large Open Concept Living Room Designs-4

The white sectional couch in this open-concept living room, which complements the table and chairs in the dining area, contrasts with the dark hardwood floors quite nicely.