24 Kitchens with Jaw Dropping Cathedral Ceilings

24 Kitchens with Jaw Dropping Cathedral Ceilings-title

What does your dream kitchen look like? Does it have clean and contemporary white cabinets, or does it adopt a rustic wooden vibe? Do you want a kitchen that’s grand and imposing, or do you want one that casts a familial light on all who enter? There’s a lot of different ways that you can go with kitchen design, but one thing that always makes a kitchen space impressive is a cathedral ceiling.

Many kitchens with low ceilings can often feel closed in and cramped. Moving the ceiling height up, rather obviously, alleviates this problem. However, once the ceiling height has been raised, other design problems arise. The most important of those is the idea of filling vertical space. With your kitchen’s ceiling raised, there’s going to be a lot of blank space above the cabinets. What are you going to do to make sure this space doesn’t feel barren?

To give you some ideas for how to solve this problem, as well as to show you what kind of design concepts can work with vaulted ceilings, we’ve collected these 24 stunning examples of kitchens with cathedral ceilings. There’s plenty of design inspiration to be had here, so we hope that you’ll choose to partake!

1. Lights

24 Kitchens with Jaw Dropping Cathedral Ceilings-1

The lights that hang from the beams of this kitchen’s cathedral ceiling add wonderful drama to the space.

2. Big Chandelier

24 Kitchens with Jaw Dropping Cathedral Ceilings-2

With cathedral ceilings, you should be dramatic. That’s what makes this combination chandelier and pot rack so wonderful for this space.

3. Classic Touch

24 Kitchens with Jaw Dropping Cathedral Ceilings-3

This contemporary kitchen with cathedral ceiling gets a classic touch thanks to the chandelier over the center island.

4. Combo

24 Kitchens with Jaw Dropping Cathedral Ceilings-4

We love the way that this kitchen combines its cathedral ceiling with beautiful Craftsman elements.