24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks

15. Around The Corner
24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks-15

In an open-concept living space, you may wish to build in your breakfast nook as an extension of your kitchen cabinetry.

16. Keeping it Simple

24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks-16

There’s something to be said for using some nice furniture pieces like this to create a simple breakfast nook in a small kitchen space.

17. Plenty of Seating24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks-17

Check out how much seating this beautiful kitchen offers between its island and the breakfast nook beyond.

18. Long Bench

24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks-18

Check out how the long bench at the back of this kitchen has been converted into a cozy breakfast nook with a simple table and a couple of chairs.

19. Bigger Is Better?

24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks-19

Those who believe that bigger is better when it comes to luxury kitchens will find a lot to love in the enormous breakfast nook here.