24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks

24 Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks-title

With more and more families taking the art of cooking seriously, kitchens are rapidly becoming the central hub of the home. When the kids return from school at night, they well often gather around the center island, all as the parents whirl about the kitchen putting together a healthy and nutritious meal. Likewise, before everyone heads off to his or her respective destination in the morning, a quick meal in the kitchen is almost always in order!

However, in these hustle-bustle times of ours, it can sometimes be difficult to turn these daily interactions with the ones we love into something intimate and familial. Sitting at the kitchen counter is all well and good, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a dedicated space? That’s why more and more homeowners these days are choosing to incorporate breakfast nooks as part of their kitchens’ designs. And, those who have done so couldn’t be happier! They’re finding that their breakfast nooks are becoming their very favorite places in their homes.

Do you think that your home’s kitchen could benefit from a breakfast nook? There’s almost no doubt that it could, which is why we’ve collected the following 24 examples. So, come check them out, and see if you can get some ideas for how you can install a breakfast nook in your home. We promise you won’t regret it!

1. Let The Be Light

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A breakfast nook should be a place where you can enjoy the morning sunshine. This kitchen’s breakfast nook provides just that.

2. Blending In

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This wonderful kitchen breakfast nook does an excellent job of blending in with the dark hardwood floors.

3. Tucked In

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Those of you who would like a cozy breakfast nook for their kitchens will find a lot to love in this design.

4. High Backs

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The high backs of the benches in this stunning kitchen breakfast nook really set the tone for the space surrounding.

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