24 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Accent Walls

24 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Accent Walls-title

Given how well trafficked your living room is going to be, it’s often not the best place to take stylistic risks. However, because it is so heavily trafficked, it’s definitely the space where you want to make a bold statement. You want those who enter your home and living room to see your sense of style on display.

If you’re not taking huge risks in terms of décor and color, though, this can be difficult. However, there’s an easy and simple way to add some much-needed spark to a potentially tired living room design, and that’s the accent wall. As you’re going to see in the examples that follow, accent walls can help you to both make a statement and offer yourself a design opportunity. On their own, accent walls can add a real sense of depth and dimension to a living space. When combined with other design elements, though, they can allow you to really expand your design palate and tie together disparate elements.

If you think that an accent wall might work wonders for your living room design, then you’re absolutely right. So, come check out these 24 gorgeous living rooms with accent walls; you won’t be disappointed.

1. Togetherness

24 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Accent Walls-1

Within this open-concept space, the orange accent wall framing the picture window has been tied to the area rug beneath the coffee table.

2. Geometric

24 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Accent Walls-2

If you’re going for a contemporary style, you may wish to consider incorporating geometric features into your living room’s accent wall.

3. Green With Envy

24 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Accent Walls-3

One way you can add some instant charm to a darker living room space is by including a bold green accent wall like this.

4. Subtle

24 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Accent Walls-4

If you don’t want to get too extreme with an accent wall, you could do something like this, where the wall above the fireplace has been painted a darker shade.