24 Elegant Living Room Designs

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For your home to truly be a home, it must present a place for you, your family and your friends to gather. The central gathering spot of virtually every home is its living room, and this place needs to be one that offers plenty of places to sit, plenty of comfort, and facilitates easy communication between those gathered. That’s why it’s so important to have an elegant design for your living room, one that reflects your personal taste, while at the same time ensuring comfort for many.

Elegant design isn’t about one particular style, period or choice. Rather it’s about the way in which many things come together to create a cohesive whole. That means that you can have an elegantly designed living room whether you’re privileging a modern aesthetic, or you’re simply trying to create a room that has an old-style down-home feel.

Want to understand what we’re talking about? Then we’d encourage you to scroll through the 24 elegant living room designs that follow. You’ll find examples that reflect the choices made for different styles and periods, and you’ll no doubt find one or two examples that will inspire you to craft an elegant design for your living room!

1. Simplicity

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Though largely unadorned, this modern living room design still provides an attractive place to gather with friends or family.

2. Cozy Modern

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The L-shaped couch in this living room ensures that there is ample place to sit in this cozy yet modern living room.

3. Grand

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The grand and bold coffee table at center in this living room is only exceeded by the sweeping, warm and inviting fireplace. Oh, and those windows, too.

4. The View

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With a view like this, all you need is a comfortable and attractive place to sit and enjoy, along with a place to set your cocktail.