24 Country Kitchen Designs

20. Dimension

24 Country Kitchen Designs-20

The ceiling and hanging lights add a true sense of dimension to this stunning and clean country kitchen.

21. Old Country

24 Country Kitchen Designs-21

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate country kitchen, one which truly embodies what that means, then here it is.

22. Wood

24 Country Kitchen Designs-22

Here, the cabinets make up for their drab color with ornate details, which blend well with other design elements of the country kitchen.

23. Scheme

24 Country Kitchen Designs-23

Again, we can see how eclecticism, this time with color, can really make the design of a country kitchen.

24. Two-Tone

24 Country Kitchen Designs-24

The two-tone cabinets with an antiqued look accentuate the intricate details of this country kitchen design.