24 Country Kitchen Designs

15. Eclectic

24 Country Kitchen Designs-15

Sometimes an eclectic mix of different design elements is all you need to create the ideal country feel for your kitchen.

16. Future

24 Country Kitchen Designs-16

This kitchen demonstrates quite well that a country kitchen design can still offer all the amenities of the future kitchen.

17. Luxury

24 Country Kitchen Designs-17

The prizing the simplicity of country style, this kitchen demonstrates that a luxurious feel worthy of the rich and famous is still possible.

18. Color

24 Country Kitchen Designs-18

While the cabinetry behind is nothing out of the ordinary for country style, the color choices of the island are unique.

19. Modern Spin

24 Country Kitchen Designs-19

Here, you see a kitchen the melds country style and modern style together perfectly, with the clock above the stove pulling things together.