24 Country Kitchen Designs

5. Flair

24 Country Kitchen Designs-5

The colorful tiling behind the range in this country kitchen adds just enough flair to keep things interesting.

6. Simple

24 Country Kitchen Designs-6

White cabinets with black hardware create a simplistic look for this country kitchen that’s accented by beautiful metal lights.

7. Basin

24 Country Kitchen Designs-7

The large basin sink at center in this country kitchen adds life to its neutral color palate.

8. Airy

24 Country Kitchen Designs-8

Large bright windows only enhance the space of this stunning country kitchen, which is further enhanced by small hanging lights above the counters.

9. Glass

24 Country Kitchen Designs-9

With a large glass cabinet adding depth to the space, this communal country kitchen would be an ideal places for a morning coffee or a fancy dinner.

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