24 Country Kitchen Designs

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The 21st century is in full swing, and many homeowners are opting for modern, contemporary designs that reflect the times that we live in. However, there are just as many who’d like their homes to reflect the bygone days, when things were simpler and the Internet didn’t rule all. These folks are looking for country designs, ones that transform their living spaces into simple oases in the hustle-bustle world without their homes’ front doors.

One area of the home that benefits greatly from country design is the kitchen. With an eye on the old world, a kitchen can become the ideal place for cooking tremendous meals and gathering with friends and family. Of course, a country kitchen doesn’t mean that you’ll have to say goodbye to modern appliances. Those can still be incorporated elegantly into a country kitchen design, as many of the examples on this list demonstrate beautifully.

If a country kitchen sounds like the ideal choice for your kitchen and your way of life, then come check out the 24 designs that we’ve collected on this list. You’ll find plenty of inspiration here, and some of the most attractive country kitchens you’ve ever laid eyes on!

1. Green

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With light-green cabinets, this country kitchen design balances the modern appliances nicely with smart accoutrements and cabinet hardware.

2. Gather

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An inviting island with rustic barstools makes this country kitchen a place where friends and family will love to gather.

3. Breakfast

24 Country Kitchen Designs-3

Wood and stone come together in this stunning country kitchen, which features an attractive breakfast nook.

4. Wainscot

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Wainscoting is the design element that really pulls this white, clean country kitchen together, along with a few knickknacks, of course.