24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs

10. Steam Room

24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs-10

If you include a wooden steam room like this as a part of your master bathroom design, then you may wish to complement it with a brown color scheme in the main space.

11. Brown Marble

24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs-11

You have to admire the luxurious look and calming effect of the brown marble used throughout this master bathroom design.

12. Log Cabin

24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs-12

The log cabin and rustic look of this master bathroom is perfectly balanced by the use of a brown wall color around the built-in vanity.

13. Tassel

24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs-13

This wonderful master bathroom design uses Sherwin Williams’ Tassel color to complement the rich wood stain of the vanity.

14. Delicious

24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs-14

Wood and stone are brought into delicious harmony with on another in this stunning brown master bathroom design.

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