24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs

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Creating the right kind of vibe for your master bathroom depends upon a number things. Naturally you’ll be thinking about what kind of shower and tub you want, as well as whether or not you want a single or dual vanity. However, when it comes to really establishing the feel of the space, there’s nothing more important than settling on the right color scheme.

While some people want a bathroom that’s light and airy, many others want a bathroom that provides a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. For those in the latter camp, there’s no better color scheme to consider than brown. Because it’s more a neutral color, it creates a bathroom environment that’s thoroughly relaxing – something you can’t get with a brighter color scheme. What’s more is that since brown is so versatile a color, it can easily be complemented by other bits of décor and tile work.

To show you why brown is such a wonderful color to use in your bathroom, as well as to show you what’s possible with it, we’ve collected these 24 amazing examples of beautifully brown master bathrooms! We think you’ll find a lot of design inspiration here, and that you just might be able to find something that will work well for your home’s master bath!

1. Step Right Up

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A beautiful tub is the crowning achievement of most master bathroom designs. Check out how this one is prominently featured in this example.

2. Gold and Brown

24 Brown Master Bathroom Designs-2

When you want a luxurious feeling color scheme for your master bathroom, consider combining gold and brown colors.

3. Brown Tile

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You can do a lot of interesting things with tile in your master bathroom! Check out the stunning and contemporary brown tile work around the tub here.

4. Feminine Touch

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Those who want a brown master bathroom with a feminine feel should find plenty of inspiration in this design.