24 Brown Living Room Designs

20. Grand Love

24 Brown Living Room Designs-20

You’ve got to love the sweeping lines of this beautiful brown living room, which makes use of Sherwin Williams’ Nuthatch color.

21. Copper

24 Brown Living Room Designs-21

The beautiful look of this brown Art-Deco-style living room is completed by the use of copper tones throughout the design.

22. Texture

24 Brown Living Room Designs-22

You can avoid brown wall colors from becoming too bland by adding some texturing. This works particularly well in living room spaces.

23. Curtains

24 Brown Living Room Designs-23

The brown hanging curtains over the windows in this stunning living room are masterful design touch.

24. Easy Peasy!

24 Brown Living Room Designs-24

If you’re color-challenged when it comes to design, the brown is the perfect color to work with! It’s versatile, and it’s incredibly easy to match.

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