24 Brown Living Room Designs

15. Green Furniture

24 Brown Living Room Designs-15

The green sofa at the center of this living room design works wonderfully with the brown colors that abound.

16. More Green

24 Brown Living Room Designs-16

Here you have an example of a living room design that uses a bolder shade of green to create effect with brown furniture.

17. Classic Luxury

24 Brown Living Room Designs-17

The ample use of brown throughout the design of this stunning living room really accentuates its luxury touches.

18. Bright Elsewhere

24 Brown Living Room Designs-18

If you need some color spark for your brown living room design, then be bold! Pretty much every color can be made to match. Brown is that versatile!

19. Stone and Leather

24 Brown Living Room Designs-19

For something that feels timeless, classy and luxurious, there are few better living room combinations than stone and brown leather.

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