24 Brown Living Room Designs

10. Brown and Brick

24 Brown Living Room Designs-10

If you have exposed brick elements in your living room, then a shade of brown can be the perfect color complement.

11. Width

24 Brown Living Room Designs-11

Wide planks for the hardwood floors of this brown living room contribute greatly to its updated rustic feel.

12. Open Concept

24 Brown Living Room Designs-12

Hues of brown are always excellent choices for striking a balance between a living room and an open-concept floor plan.

13. Brown Stone

24 Brown Living Room Designs-13

There are few materials like brown stone when you want to scream luxury in the design of your living room.

14. Light and Dark

24 Brown Living Room Designs-14

Light and dark hues of brown come together to give this finished basement living room a wonderful sense of dimension.

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