24 Brown Living Room Designs

5. Leather

24 Brown Living Room Designs-5

The Sherwin Williams Craft Paper color used for the walls is a perfect complement to the rich brown of the leather furniture.

6. All Wood

24 Brown Living Room Designs-6

An all-wood living room can be every bit as brown as it is dramatic and charming. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in a room like this?

7. Beige

24 Brown Living Room Designs-7

The ample use of beige creates a brighter and airier feel for this brown living room than you’d get with most others.

8. Why Brown?

24 Brown Living Room Designs-8

One reason homeowners chose brown for their living rooms is that the color creates a more subdued environment conducive to relaxing.

9. Track Lighting

24 Brown Living Room Designs-9

Here, you have an example of a brown living room design that uses track lighting to get some drama into the space.

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