24 Beautifully Blue Home Exteriors

10. Clean

24 Beautifully Blue Home Exteriors-10

By using white to accent the windows and architectural features of this home’s exterior, it achieves a clean look.

11. Creamy Blue


Here, you can see just how well a deep red can work against a creamy blue paint color for your home exterior.

12. Stone

24 Beautifully Blue Home Exteriors-12

With a stone first floor, the powder blue is the perfect color choice for the second. Also, check out the copper accents.

13. Navy Blue

24 Beautifully Blue Home Exteriors-13

You have to appreciate the boldness of this navy blue home exterior, which uses a deep coppery red as an accent color.

14. Look Closely

24 Beautifully Blue Home Exteriors-14

If you’re not looking closely, you might miss that a light purple is used for the eaves on this blue home exterior.

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