24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms

24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms-title

Okay. We may not want to think about bathrooms any more than we have to, but when you’re talking about the bathrooms in your home, you want them to be as nice as possible. This is especially true of the master bathroom, as this is where you’ll be getting ready every morning and where you’ll be preparing for bed every night. Plus, there are all those times when you might want to take a bath – or maybe even that extended, luxurious shower. Shouldn’t you be doing those things in the most luxurious and most beautiful surroundings possible?

On this list, we’ve collected 24 examples of absolutely beautiful master bathrooms. Each one adopts a style that’s all its own. However, in each example you’ll see the principles of sound design. These master bathrooms do a wonderful job of matching colors, building visual appeal with striking materials, and with facilitating functionality through smart layouts.

In these examples, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for designing the dream master bathroom that you’ve been wanting for your home. In some cases, you might even find a master bathroom design you might want to copy wholesale. In either event, you’re sure to be impressed by what we’ve collected, so let’s take a look! You’re going to love these master baths!

1. Next Steps

24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms-1

With ample space, this beautiful master bathroom might seem spare, if not for that wonderful rug that’s used in front of the vanity.

2. Accent Wall

24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms-2

The beautiful, curved tile wall that divides the main bathroom space from the walk-in shower takes the idea of an “accent wall” to new heights.

3. Pure White

24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms-3

A mix of different materials has been used to add the right level of vibrancy to this beautiful all-white master bathroom.

4. Light Blue

24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms-4

With light blue walls and white crown molding, the dark wood of the dueling vanities is the perfect choice for this master bathroom.