24 Beautiful Living Rooms

20. Black and White

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-20

For the ultimate beautiful contemporary living room design, you can never go wrong with a black and white color scheme.

21. Chandelier

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-21

The beautiful chandelier featuring glass bulbs really draws out the classic charm of this stunningly beautiful living room.

22. Attractive Rug

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-22

The use of an attractive area rug in this living room design helps to pull disparate geometrical elements together.

23. Coffee Table

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-23

This beautiful living room chooses to keep with the white theme of the space, offering contrast through a dark chest doubling as a coffee table.

24. Find The Charm

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-24

Go with colors that you love, and then find ways of balancing them to create the charming atmosphere you’re after in your living room design!