24 Beautiful Living Rooms

15. Your Personality

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-15

A beautiful living room design will reflect the homeowner’s personality. That’s completely evident here from the hanging chair.

16. Minimal Craftsman

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-16

The beauty of this living room design comes from its combination of contemporary minimalism with Craftsman lines.

17. Rich Mahogany

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-17

Sometimes all you need for a beautiful living room are beautiful floors. Check out the rich mahogany in this stunning example.

18. Green Touch

Picture 084

With ample wood notes in this beautiful living room, spark is added through a bold green couch.

19. Life In A Glass House

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-19

Those of you who live in a lush wooded environment will find a lot to love about this beautiful living room with huge windows.