24 Beautiful Living Rooms

10. Leather and Wood

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-10

Leather furniture pieces and wood paneling were meant to go together. However, you can keep things bright by using lighter leather furniture pieces.

11. Two Spaces

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-11

Always experiment with furniture arrangements in larger living rooms. We love how a small seating area has been created around the fireplace in this example.

12. Drapes

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-12

Here you have an example of a tropically themed living room. Note how the sheer beige drapes really draw that style out.

13. Adding Coziness

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-13

Even the most beautiful contemporary living room can feel impersonal. That’s something that a plush and comfortable area rug can fix!

14. Now Your Strengths

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-14

The strength of this living room’s beauty is in the space and architectural flourishes of the loft space. The choices elsewhere aim not to distract from this.