24 Beautiful Living Rooms

5. Muted Colors

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-5

The muted colors of the furniture pieces in this living room design allows the architectural beauty of the space to shine through.

6. Unique Pieces

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-6

The beauty of this massive living room comes from the unique pieces that have been used to furnish it.

7. White Popping

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-7

The white living room is always an elegant one, but splashes of color will be necessary to make its charm all that it can be.

8. Shadow

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-8

With large windows, you’re going to get beautiful shadows across your living room space. Notice how the black light fixtures here accentuate this effect.

9. Let There Be Art

24 Beautiful Living Rooms-9

Artwork can be a vital part of any home’s design. This is especially true in well traveled spaces like living rooms.